This is a set of 4 PREMOUNTED - PROTOZ   1/8 scale TRUGGY TIRES AND RIMS

Compound : BLUE - xtra soft compound - used in cold weather

                           RED - medium compound - used in hot weather

                     WHITE - Soft compound - used in mild weather


These tires are designed for optimal forward traction and will turn the fastest lap times on rought low to medium grip tracks, these tires are designed for putting down hot laps in qualifiing and getting the TQ,  The tire has a stagard LUG pattern so that each pin get the optiomal grip with the dirt and at the same time has a large gap between the lugs so the dirt has a better chance of escaping. Tire is designed to have small medium Lugz (pins) that are thicker at the bottom to prevent from folding over and wearing a drastic edge. 

--Includes tire foam.



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