This is a set of 4 PREMOUNTED - PROTO'Z   1/8 scale buggy tires 


Compound Chart: 

RED - medium compound - used in hot weather

Red/Yellow - Longwear medium compound - used in hot weather   

White- Soft compound - used in mild weather

White/Yellow - Longwear soft compound - used in mild weather   

BLUE - super soft compound - used in cold weather

Blue/Yellow - Longwear extra soft compound - used in cold weather


These are Lugz RC Racing Tires - first tire ever designed, which is why it has the name PROTOZ (prototype) the tire was designed to have small medium Lugz (pins) that are thicker at the bottom to prevent from folding over and wearing a drastic edge. the tire has an even number of Lugz laid out throughout the tire and has a good amount of contact touching the surface, which makes the tire ideal for many diffent surfaces. this is our go to tire and is utilized 75% of the races we attend, in the White/yellow and Blue/yellow compunds on medium to low bite and RED/yellow compound on extremely high bite.

--Includes tire foam and wheels.





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