This foam is a softer then the stock green foam.   

Qty. 4 pieces made for 8th scale Buggy / 10th Scale short course / 10th scale Drag cars



- Optional grey foam is used in cold conditions and/or harder compound tires.

-Great for qualifing but is not recommended for long main events.

- Comparable to worn in used foam that Pro drivers utilize in certain conditions for qualifing. 


DRAG RACING (this is the secret foam that racers don't discuss)

- Foam is used in drag racing tires.  It's softer than a Hoosier foam and a little firmer than the stock reaction foam.   Order them up today!



Works great on a tight track were the truck needs to be nimble


Foam Comparison:   Approx. #'s - changes per batch 

OUR Green 10.5 Shore A      - 10 grams 

OUR Grey 8 Shore A              - 8.5 grams

Others Grey 10 Shore A        - 11 grams

Others Blue 10. 5 Shore A   - 10.5 grams

Others Black 9 Shore A        - 9 grams

Others Red 12.5 Shore A     - 13 grams









-Item is sold as a set of four foams.

Grey Tire Foam -optional- 8th scale buggy / 10th scale -short course- drag car

SKU: Foam- Grey
Foam: grey