This is a set of 2 Lugs RC Racing Tires - BARZ  1/10 scale 2WD / 4Wd  buggy REAR tires

PURPLE COMPOUND 1OTH SCALE t -used 60 degree + (120)

packages comes with 2 tires and 2 medium/hard foams


Use as a tuning option:

Tire is designed as a semi directional, one direction will give slightly more forward traction & less side grip or reverse the direction and have slightly more side grip and less forward traction.


Also a great tuning option on the front of the car, before doing set up chages to the vehicle to add or loose steering, try rotating the tires.


This Directions bar tire is designed for optimal traction.


Tire chart                                1/8 Scale Tires


OG – Proto’z & TQ’s           Compound                        S Rating          PL                   JC

Yellow / White –                    Soft long wear                3.6                   S3.2                 Aqua

Yellow / Blue –                       Extra soft long wear      3.2                   S4.1                 Red


New 2023 compounds


Red     - ½ long wear            Medium                               4.0              M2.5/S2.2       Yellow

White  - ½ long wear            Soft                                      3.5               M2.9/S3.2       Blue   

Blue     - ½ long wear           Extra Soft                             3.1              M3.5/S3.8       Green


Gold           -85% Clay            Medium                              3.8              M3              Gold

Sliver          -85% Clay            Soft                                     3.4              M3.5           Silver

Bronze        -85% Clay           Super Soft                           2.9              M3.9


                                                1/10 Scale Tires


Orange    – 65% Clay             Hard                                     4.5              M1.5/S2

Pink          -85% Clay              Medium/soft                       3.6              M2.8

Purple     – 65% Clay              Medium                               3.2              M3/S3.5               





10th scale buggy 2wd / 4wd REAR tires BARZ - PURPLE COMPOUND

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